Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba

Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba. Good times.

Lilacs for sale along a stretch of highway.

I’ll try focusing on different destinations for this travel blog since there are already a lot of websites dealing with mainstream attractions.

Pinawa Dam

This was originally part of my Abandoned Manitoba travel blog, however it is a pretty special tourist sight. And with the addition of river tubing growing in popularity, I thought I would put it here.

The old Pinawa Dam has been turned into a Provincial Heritage Park.

The original Pinawa Dam was built in 1906 and was quite an impressive feat of engineering at the time.

Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park.

It was eventually decommissioned in 1951 and declared The Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park, featuring canoeing, fishing and a trail along the ruins of the dam.

The Pinawa Dam has become popular for boating, fishing, hiking, stand-up-paddling (SUP) and river tubing.

Recently water activities have been popular including kayaking, SUP and river tubing.

Slightly urbex vibe as you walk to the top of the old dam.

The ruins are impressive even after all of these years and it makes a great day trip from Winnipeg.

Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - old Pinawa Dam.

Travel Manitoba Highlights

Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - bee hives in a canola field.

One of the coolest things to see when you travel Winnipeg and Manitoba is the Narcisse Snake Dens. In late April to early May, the largest concentration of red-sided garter snakes in the world gather during mating season.

The Narcisse Snake Dens is where tens of thousands of garter snakes gather each year.

There are only 2 remaining drive-in movie theatres in the province. The one pictured below in Morden is a wonderfully authentic way of experiencing a film in the summer.

One of the last remaining drive-in movie theatre still stands in Morden, Manitoba.

Heading further west from Morden, Killarney was settled in the early 1900’s by Irish immigrants (obviously) and is famous for it’s lovely lake, green fire engines, green fire hydrants, annual VW festival and even a blarney stone. Although I have been advised that you should avoid kissing it.

Don't kiss the Blarney Stone in Killarney, Manitoba.



As previously mentioned there are websites that focus on the mainstream attractions, but I should mention that Manitoba has over 100,000 lakes and an incredible amount of beautiful pristine beaches like this one in Steep Rock.

Manitoba has over 100,000 lakes and countless pristine, clean fresh water beaches.

The provincial slogan is “Friendly Manitoba” which is evident by these two wonderful chaps cheerfully greeting passers-by near Lundar. For quite a few years they could be seen every weekend in the summer.

Friendly Manitobans.

Winnipeg. One Great City!

I hate Winnipeg. Both prideful and critical, this hometown anthem by The Weakerthans sums up affection for the city better than I ever could.

Covid-19 / coronavirus social distancing by the length of a polar bear.

A town that celebrates its eccentricities by socially distancing the length of a polar bear and (despite it’s long harsh winters) sells more 7-11 slurpees (ice slushies) than anywhere in the world.

Winnipeg.  The 7-11 Slurpee Capial of The World.

There is a statue of Lt. Harry Colebourn and his bear Winnie in Assiniboine Park. The bear eventually made its way to the London Zoo and was noticed by A.A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin which provided the inspiration for his “Winnie the Pooh” stories.

Winnie the Pooh statue celebrating the silly old bear's links with the classic A.A. Milne stories.

Assiniboine Park also has quite a famous zoo if that’s your thing and an old school coal burning steam train – the only one of its kind in a park in Canada.

Coal fired steam train in Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

On a larger scale, the Prairie Dog Central Railway operates vintage steam train tours during the summer months.

Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - Prairie Dog Central Railway steam train tours.

Keeping true to my love for random giant statues

The “Hi Neighbour Sam” statue greets all visitors to the Winnipeg suburb of Transcona.

Hi Neighbough Sam!  Stands merrily in Transcona.

Hungry? Then you have to check out the amazing burgers at Blondie’s which serves up a 9 LB burger if you are up to it.

Blondies Burgers.  The biggest burgers you've ever seen.

Winnipeg – Downtown / The Leg / The Forks

A walk around the Manitoba Legislature and the surrounding area is a pretty decent way to spend an afternoon.

The Golden Boy at the Manitoba Legistlature.

The Famous Five Monument is a tribute to the 5 suffragettes whose challenge in the Supreme Court of Canada in 1929 resulted in women being legally recognized as persons. The statue of Nellie McClung, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney and Emily Murphy was created by local artist Helen Granger-Young.

The Famous Five Monument to Canada's suffragettes.

Purple city is best experienced in the winter months. Ask a local for directions.

Purple City.
Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - Polar Bear Stautes.
Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - Totem Pole in Central Winnipeg.
Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - chilling and sketching in Winnipeg.
Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - view of The Forks and The Canadian Museum for Human Rights from St. Boniface

A short walk away is the towering structure of The Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - The Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

It’s located in an area known as The Forks, which is probably on most “Winnipeg things to do” lists on the internet.

Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - ice hockey rink at The Forks in the winter.

As is an obligatory visit to a Winnipeg Jets ice hockey game.

The WInnipeg Jets.  Go Jets Go.
Timothy Eaton statues in the Winnipeg Jets home arena.

Winnipeg – St. Boniface / Louis Riel

Louis Riel was a traitor.

He led two rebellions against the government of Canada, was convicted of high treason and hanged in 1885.

And he is a Manitoban hero… it’s complicated

Louis Riel is an important part of Manitoban and Canadian history and which can be seen across Winnipeg.

He was quoted as saying immediately before his execution “I have nothing but my heart and I have given it long ago to my country.”

Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - Louis Riel statue at The Legislature.

He fought and died for his beliefs and is now considered by many to be instrumental in the founding of the province.

Louis Riels gravesite in St. Boniface, Winnipeg.

A walk through the traditionally French speaking area of Winnipeg, you can see his gravesite, sculpture and coffin at the lovely Musée de Saint-Boniface.

Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - Louis Riel sculpture in St. Boniface.
Burned remains of the St. Boniface Cathedral, Winnipeg.
Le Musée de Saint-Boniface. St. Boniface, Winnipeg.
Louis Riel's coffin sits surprisingly in Musée de Saint-Boniface.

His original family farm house is now a National Historic Site in the Winnipeg suburb of St. Vital.

Louis Riel's family farmhouse is now a National Historic Site, St. Vital, Winnipeg.

The Centre of Canada, Steinbach and The Berlin Wall?

The (longitudinal) Centre of/du Canada is a few minutes east of Winnipeg on the way to Steinbach.

The Centre of/du Canada is a few minutes east of Winnipeg.
Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - Longitudinal Centre of Canada.

It’s a decent place to snap a few pics.

Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - the enourmous sky of the prairies.

Steinbach’s main attraction is the Mennonite Heritage Village which focuses on early Mennonite immigrants who settled in Canada in the late 1800’s.

Steinbach Mennonite Heritage Village windmill.

Surprisingly, a piece of the Berlin Wall sits randomly in the village. It was purchased in 1990 and was supposed to be donated to the University of Manitoba, however they bizarrely rejected it.

It eventually ended up here.

Completely random section of the Berlin Wall in the Mennonite Heritage Village, Steinbach, Manitoba.
Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - Mennonite Heritage Village, Steinbach, Manitoba.
Travel Winnipeg and Manitoba - Mennonite Heritage Village, Steinbach, Manitoba.

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And Finally…

Stay classy Winnipeg. Never change.

Worlds only feature dancer with 3 Boobs.

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