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mongolia travel blog.

this is my first blog post ever.   be nice.   please.

i’m lazy and had these kicking around, so i might as well get around to posting them.
some of this is so old, but i figured some content is better than no content at all.

we arrived in mongolia via the trans-siberian railway, where i spent 4 days drinking vodka and getting my ass kicked playing chess against a 12 year old russian child. good times.

we went on a tour of the gobi desert in mongolia. wonderful trip. we basically just travelled around in an old russian jeep trying to learn mongolian throat singing (tuvan) and stayed with nomads.
they made us food and let us sleep in their tents.

unfortunately the only food in mongolia is mutton.
we ate mutton for about a week straight.
i really hate mutton.
i’ve never even seen a live mutton in real life, but i’m sure they are horrible creatures.

sometimes we had mutton soup…
sometimes we had mutton stir-fry…
we just had plain mutton.

the mutton thing became a running gag (“hmmm, i wonder what’s for dinner?”).
at least my bowels approved.

you can’t even call it meat, because there is so much fat on it.
we started fat bowls that we put the really big gross pieces of fat in.
the nomads laughed at us.

mongolia travel blog - nomad village yurt
nomad village. scanned directly from a photo.

we washed the mutton down with lovely airag.
it is fermented horse milk.
it tastes like hot salty milk that has gone off.
worse than you are imagining.

“oh… you’re still hungry? try some lovely yak cheese…”
at least it cleared my sinuses out.

after about a week of this and only bribing one corrupt police officer, we finally found somewhere to shower and clean up the stink. a quick shave and then off clubbing in ulan bator, the capital of mongolia. more good times.

we travelled around the gobi desert, sang, met nomads…
saw camel, yak, gazelles, horses, goat and sheep…
but we didn’t see a single mutton.

all in all, we had tonnes of fun. i would highly recommend it.
you can fly in, but i would definitely recommend arriving by the trans-siberian for the perfect trip.

mongolia travel blog - gobi desert
gobi desert. scanned directly from a photo.

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  1. Sounds like it was a fun trip. I heard if you finish the horse milk you automatically get more. Always leave a little

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