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My Niger travel blog will be a quick one since a lot of the country was not safe to travel in when I was there.

However, the little time I did spend there resulted in quite a few highlights.

Kouré Giraffe Reserve

The last surviving heard of giraffes in Western Africa live in a wildlife reserve near Kouré, Niger.

Giraffes rule.

Majestic and curious, they are one of my favourite creatures on the planet (along with lemurs and penguins obviously).

Giraffes are awesome.


To not bore you, I try to choose the best photo I’ve taken of a single subject.

Niger travel blog - giraffes.

Not this time. It’s my fucking blog.

I heart giraffes.

I heart them so much.

Kouré Giraffe Park

Here are some giraffe pics.

So silly.

Kouré Wildlife Reserve.

I want one.

Niger travel blog.


You can never have too many pictures of giraffes.

W National Park

Parc national du W is one of the largest National Parks in West Africa and spans 3 countries including Niger, Burkina Faso and Benin.

W National Park

Apparently I needed an armed escort to the park. However, their vehicle broke down and needed to be rescued by another escort. Classic.

Niger travel blog

The park gets it’s “W” name from the shape of the river along this section.

Niger River.

Eventually I arrived at one of the nicest places I’ve ever stayed.

Wooden huts surrounded by baobabs
Wooden huts surrounded by baobabs.

W National Park has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996 and is an inspiring example of what can be done if countries decide to work together.

Elephants in W National Park
Baboons in Parc national du W.

But there is a tragic side and a scene which stresses how fragile it all can be.

The tragic skeletal remains of a poached elephant

We came across the skeletal remains of an elephant that was poached for it’s ivory a few months before.


Situated on the Niger River, the capital Niamey was a surprisingly nice place to spend a few days.

Chillin' down the Niger River
Hippos, Niger River

Market life in Niamey.


Even though there were dinosaurs, the zoo was a little tough to take.

I hope you enjoyed my Niger travel blog. While not really developed for tourism, Niger had a lot to offer and was a rewarding place to spend a week. Feel free to check out my other travel blogs if you are bored.

Niger travel blog.

Niger Travel Tips

Visas:  really easy in Geneva, with only flight and hotel details required.

MoneyCFA Franc Conversion.

Electrical Outlets:  European outlets (usually).

Language: Basic french is incredibly useful since English is barely spoken.

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