Manitoba Ghost Towns

Abandoned Manitoba Ghost Towns – travel blog. First – I absolutely need to recommend Gordon Goldsborough’s two excellent books on Manitoban history. He has done so much in preserving, documenting and highlighting Manitoba’s rich history. He is a Manitoban legend. Second – Please be aware that most of the towns below are NOT ghost towns. … More Manitoba Ghost Towns

Dominica Travel Blog

Dominica travel blog. On September 18th 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica. Lives were lost, lush forests were damaged, housing and infrastructure was almost completely destroyed. And while there is still a lot of work to be done, after two years of cleanup and rebuilding, the signs of recovery are positive. A lot of Caribbean destinations … More Dominica Travel Blog

Derka Derkastan

A country long shrouded in mystery, Derka Derkastan is a true untouched gem in the travel world. After years of trying, I finally managed to visit this beautiful, but often misunderstood country. Probably one of my most dangerous adventures, my recent travel to the hermit kingdom was one of the most exciting yet. Sometimes referred … More Derka Derkastan