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Dominica travel blog. On September 18th 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica.

Lives were lost, lush forests were damaged, housing and infrastructure was almost completely destroyed.

And while there is still a lot of work to be done, after two years of cleanup and rebuilding, the signs of recovery are positive.

Dominica travel blog.  Organic locally produced chocolate.

A lot of Caribbean destinations blur together in one long sand filled beach.

Dominica feels different.

This colourful and welcoming island has its own unique personality. And for such a small island, it has a tremendous amount of natural wonders.

The martian landscape of the "Red Rocks" in Dominica.

From the martian like landscape of the Red Rocks, to black sand beaches and lush valleys. The island has too many sights for just your standard week long package holiday.

The Nature Island

The beautiful village of Scotts Head on the southern edge of Dominica.

In 2013, Dominica opened the epic Waitukubuli National Trail. At 185 km long is the longest hiking trail in the Caribbean.

The trail starts in the southern fishing village of Scotts Heads.

Fishing boats in Scotts Head, Dominica.

And cuts through the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which include sights such as Trafalgar Falls, Sulphur Hot Springs, the Titou Gorge and the Emerald Pool.

Middleham Falls, one of the many beautiful waterfalls on Dominca.

Most sights including Middleham Falls (above) are light hikes accessible on short day trips.

A hike through the World Heritage  Morne Trois Pitons National Park on the way to the boiling lake.

The Boiling Lake (the 2nd largest in the world) is more strenuous, but a real highlight of the natural world.

The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is home to the second largest boiling lake in the world.
Fort Shirley in Cabrits National Park, Dominica.

The Waitukubuli Trail ends at Cabrits National Park on the northern tip of the island near the town of Portsmouth.

Fort Shirley in Cabrits National Park, Dominica.

From Portsmouth you can take a canoe along the Indian River to explore the remains of a film set used in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

Former film location of Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest.

Further downstream you can enjoy a drink at the Ticking Croc Cavern, a chilled riverside bar only accessible by canoe.

Abandoned Brewery

Before the hurricane, the Dominica Brewery produced the popular Kubuli beer with mineral water from Loubière Springs.

The abandoned brewery of Dominica Brewery & Beverages Limited damaged after Hurricane Maria.

Now it sits heavily damaged and abandoned with no current plans to revitalize the site.

Dominica travel blog.  Urbex abandoned brewery.

Prime Minister Skerrit called the island a “frontline of climate change.”

Their plan is to not simply recover and rebuild, but to become completely self-sufficient as the world’s first climate resilient nation. They want to grow beyond what was destroyed and become a truly unique “nature isle.”

Dominica travel blog.  Urbex abandoned brewery.

Their main goal is to hurricane proof the island through infrastructure and by diversifying the economy.

Urbex, abandoned Guinness beer crates in Dominica Brewery.

They also want to become a natural paradise by banning single use plastics and styrofoam containers, while supplying each house with jute and cotton bags.

Dominica travel blog.  Brewery abandoned after Hurricane Maria.

For more information on how Dominica plans to become the world’s first climate resilient nation, check out National Geographic’s excellent article.

Crates of beer abandoned after Hurricane Maria.  Dominica travel blog.


The coastal capital of Roseau still has a lot of cleanup to do.

Hotel abandoned after Hurrican Maria.

I love a good abandoned building.

For other abandoned sights, check out my blogs on an Abandoned Nigerian Film Studio or an Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant in Cuba.

Whale skeleton.
A whale skeleton.

Older hotels are left crumbling and structures such as the library and Saint George Anglican Church are in limbo.

Rainbow over the severely damanged Saint George Anglican Church in Roseau.
Dominica travel blog - bamaged church in Roseau.

The priority has been on rebuilding housing units.

New housing development to replace lost homes after Hurrican Maria.

One surprising sight were new community housing developments that were being built inland. The style of housing reminded me more of suburban North America rather than a Caribbean Island.

Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

This is the greatest picture I’ve taken.

Anywhere in the world.


Shop smart.  Shop S-mart.  Army of Darkness.
Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

Dominica Travel Blog – Information

Visas:  visas not required for most travellers, but as usual check in advance.

Airport: One of the most chilled airports I’ve ever been to. I tried to rent a car, but they had none left, so the lady working took me out for a local lunch to apologize.

Money: Eastern Caribbean Dollar had no ATM at the airport when I visited, but most cash machines in the Roseau worked.

Electrical OutletsRandom outlets (EU or UK usually).

Language: English.

Food:  Amazing. Creole food, fresh fish, stewed meats, plantains, yams, dumplings, etc. Yum. Lots of great roadside stalls serving up fresh food, currys, rotis, etc. For home cooked rasta/ital food, check out the Starline Ital Kitchen in Roseau.

Useful Tips:  Take advantage of potential stopover flights. I was able to stop into Barbados and Antigua on the way there and back.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua.

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