Camino de Santiago

in between my trips to afghanistan and iraq, i was able to join some friends for part of their camino de santiago journey. to be honest, i wasn’t really going to post anything since enough has been written both historically and religiously. and if you need travel advice, i have to recommend the stingynomads site … More Camino de Santiago

Things to do in Iraq

i recently returned from leading a tour in iraq with lupine travel, so thought i would post a quick blog on things to do in iraq. baghdad i arrived early to wander around on my own and do some research on potential sights.  my first stop was visiting one of the unfinished mosques from saddam … More Things to do in Iraq

Afghanistan Travel

afghanistan travel. i just got back from a recce trip to afghanistan with lupine travel. thanks for making this happen… it’s been a long time coming. this trip was more about the overall travel experience than specific sights, so i will focus more on pics rather than a lengthy write-up. kabul kabul was obviously the … More Afghanistan Travel

Soviet Ghost Town

last weekend i was at the inota festival in an abandoned power plant and managed to check out the nearby soviet ghost town of szentkirályszabadja. nice combo. Szentkirályszabadja – Soviet Ghost Town built in the 1960’s, szentkirályszabadja was built as a fully functioning town and military base housing up to 6000 people at one time. it’s been … More Soviet Ghost Town

Libya Travel

libya travel… finally made it! i’ve been wanting to go to libya for ages, but the stop/start nature of life, war and peace over there have made it difficult. hopefully the recent ceasefire is a sign of better times ahead for this welcoming country and its people. roman libya and leptis magna since 2018, you … More Libya Travel


Officially called the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, Transnistria is a breakaway state along the eastern edge of Moldova, bordering Ukraine and about 100 km from Odessa. Two weeks before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I was lucky enough to visit. Over the past 100+ years, borders were quite fluid in the region. Following the collapse of … More Transnistria

Scotland and Orkney

Here are some pics of a quick visit to Scotland and the Orkney Islands. I recently visited a friend in the Scottish Highlands. I wasn’t planning on posting a blog about it, but it was so stunning I thought I would add some pics to pass the time during the Coronavirus lock-down. Known for it’s … More Scotland and Orkney